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Rectangle 4 color process label    Round custom printed label    Oval custom printed label    Square corner custom printed label, butt cut label

Custom Printed Labels in Rectangles, Rounds, Ovals, Squares and special shapes.
Labels can be printed in 1 color, 2 colors, 3 colors and 4 color process (images like photographs).

custom printed paper bags
Custom Printed Paper bags

Hi-D T-shirt Bags

Florist Ribbon
Retail Store Packaging
Stock Bags:
Recycled Kraft SOS (no handle)
Recycled Kraft Merchandise
Recycled Kraft Shopper (with handle)

10x5x13 Natural Kraft Shopping bag with twisted paper handle  10x5x10 Natural Kraft Shopping Bag with twisted paper Handle

Types of Florist Ribbon

Wired ribbon, French wired ribbon, Satin Deco Moiré Ribbon, Woven Edge Grosgrain ribbon,
Satin Center Organdy ribbon, Double Face Satin ribbon, Plain Organdy ribbon,
Cut Edge Single Face Florist Satin ribbon, Narrow Organdy ribbon, Felt ribbon,
Crystal Organdy ribbon, Woven Edge Princess Organdy ribbon, etc.

All of the bags can be custom printed for your business.

Larry Gieseke Marketing is an ORGILL vendor.

Last updated April 24,2014